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The nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets, constantly in evolution, require always greater specialization and innovation in specific fields. Due to the growing need of flexibility and competence in the production of fermented ingredients, Gnosis extends its own capabilities providing services to current and new potential clients and partners proposing process and product development, formulation studies and tailor-made industrial production solutions.

Multidisciplinary dedicated teams are assigned to each project where the client is the key driver for the execution of the tasks.

We provide a one-stop development and manufacturing solution designed to fully realize your product potential in a timely and cost-effective manner. With the right technology, extensive resources and comprehensive product management, we help you to quickly advance your products from the laboratory to the market, according to your needs and schedule.

  • Process development

  • Formulation studies

  • Manufacturing

We believe that partnering is the most effective way to improve
and bring success to both yours and our company.