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Gnosis has over 25 years of experience in the production of microbial-derived biopharmaceuticals for both oral and injectable use. With its proprietary technology and sophisticated know-how, today Gnosis is a leading manufacturer of active and functional ingredients for the nutrition, cosmetic, personal care, industrial biotech and pharmaceutical industries and is proud to have supplied a wide range of high quality products to worldwide customers over the years.

Look at the evolution of Gnosis since its foundation.



Gnosis is founded by a group of technicians and scientists to provide a reliable source of scientific and technological services.

The large scale manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients starts by using outsourcing partners.


Industrial Manufacturing

R&D site


Gnosis decides to expand the R&D lab through the construction of the R&D center in Desio (Milan, Italy).

Gnosis acquires the Sant’Antonino manufacturing site in Switzerland from Abbott (formerly known as Abbott Knoll Bioresearch).


of the first Manufacturing Unit



New manufacturing areas were built and qualified to introduce advanced technologies and increasing the range of products manufactured in Sant' Antonino.

Acquisition of BiMA


Gnosis advances its research and commercial capability with the acquisition of Pisticci Site from Pfizer, in Southern Italy.

North America Branch Office is established in USA to provide client-oriented services and to develop Gnosis' worldwide relationship.


Gnosis USA Inc.

Gnosis China


In order to strengthen its business position in Asia-Pacific area, Gnosis opens its Branch Office in Shanghai, China's leading center.

Gnosis manufacturing sites located in Switzerland and Italy are both successfully inspected by US FDA.


US FDA Approval

Lesaffre majority participation in Gnosis


Gnosis and Lesaffre start a new partnership aimed to increase industrial synergies and development of common interest areas.

Gnosis development proceeds with the diversification of the Pisticci manufacturing site with two dedicated areas for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals production.


New Warehouse and Advanced Nutrition Plant

New fermentation line in Pisticci manufacturing plant


Gnosis increases its production capacity with a new fermenter.

Lesaffre completes the acquisition of Gnosis and the new entity is named «Gnosis by Lesaffre»


Full acquisition of Gnosis by Lesaffre