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Gnosis experts are constantly engaged in granting steady progress in all those innovative technologies aimed at developing new highly productive strains and manufacturing high quality raw materials.

Driven by experience and desire for innovation, Gnosis R&D staff has created a cross-disciplinary scientific network to integrate and sustain the research activities of the group and the corporate targets.

A team of experts works every day with initiative and high professionalism, representing the growth engine for the design, industrialization and production of innovative ingredients inspired by nature.

The long-term R&D plan "Always Looking Ahead" launched in 2009 strives to understand and meet changes and challenges of the worldwide nutritional and pharmaceutical scenario and ensures its sustainability through the application of biotech science, with the intent to respond to future requirements and possibly to anticipate them.

Closely connected to the scientific and industrial associations, Gnosis is continually up to date with the main trends and the latest progresses achieved by biotechnology-based markets.

Gnosis' researchers work in an exciting and stimulating scientific environment, integrated in a cutting-edge network of academic collaborations with premier Institutes, Clinical Centers and Universities to support health claims of products and to sustain effectiveness and safety through pre-clinical and clinical studies.

Gnosis recognizes the importance of strengthening collaborations with academic panel of experts. Successful projects for branded ingredients and formulations have been performed under the supervision and direction of prominent scientists.

Gnosis follows rigorous scientific studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of its products. Currently - for pharmaceutical and nutritional active ingredients - extensive scientific support, high efficacy and product safety are indispensable; specific protocols evaluating the toxicological and pharmacokinetic aspects and demonstrating the safety, efficacy and health requirements of the products should be applied.

Gnosis is an active member of the scientific and industrial associations promoting interests and growth of life sciences.