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What we do

Gnosis is able to offer process and product development, formulation studies and tailor-made industrial manufacturing solutions, in line with the growing need for flexibility and expertise of the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets in the production of fermented ingredients.

Research &

The R&D Centre is the core of Gnosis activities, where biologically active products come to life and are scaled-up to be transferred to our cGMP manufacturing facilities.


Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical active ingredients can be produced by fermentation process using specially developed microorganisms.


Due to the growing need of flexibility and competence in the production of fermented ingredients, Gnosis extends its own capabilities providing customized several services to current and new potential clients and partners.

Quality &

We understand that we have a global responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint and create greater sustainability in everything we do.


Gnosis experts are constantly engaged in granting steady progress in all those innovative technologies aimed at developing new highly productive strains and to manufacturing high quality raw materials.